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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Josie Maran Aragan Oil REVIEW!!

This product is a lightweight oil tat absorbs into the skin easily. This product doesn't feel heavy but at the same time it's not the most lightweight product I have tried. As far as the packaging goes it comes in a dark bottle that has a dropper attached to it. This is good for this product because it helps preserve the antioxidant in it, which is the vitamin E.  This product is great for a lightweight moisturizier, a cuticle oil, or a split end mender for the hair. Most people don't know that you need a good skncare routine versus one good product for antiaging the skin. This is great for adding into a skincare routine, but you can't rely on this to help make skin look more younger.This product is 100% Argan Oil, so there is no parabens, fragrance or dyes. So this is a universal product perfect for any skin type including sensitive and acne prone. If you have oily skin and have a concern with too much oil, there is a light version of this product. The light version is specifically for people with oily skin that want a lightweight moisturizer. It still has all of the benefits in just a lighter textured product. This product comes in 3 different sizes so the prices range. for 0.5 oz. it is $14. 1.7oz. is $48. 4 oz. is $96.

-Multiuse product

- Expensive
-One ingredient won't help your skin as much as people think
- Not too much product for what you buy

Overall, I do like this product. This is a great moisturizer and it feels good on the skin. It has vitamin E in it which is good for antiaging however you need more than one ingredient to make the skin look and feel better. I would give this product a 9/10