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Saturday, January 18, 2014

E.l.f Essential Lip stain REVIEW!!

This lip stain looks like a marker. It has a felt tip that has product on it. You apply this to dry clean lips. If you have a lip balm or anything moisturizing on the lips, then it can prevent the time this stays on the lips. This comes in 7 colors. I got the color pink petal. This color looks like a bright pink in the packaging, however on the lips it looks like a pinky red. If you are pale skinned like me, you might prefer this to a red lip. I find that red lips are tricky on my skintone. I choose the ones with  pink tone or the deep almost brown red. As far as the stay power of this lip stain, it is pretty good. It takes a good scrub to get this product off the lips. This definitely lasts through eating and drinking, it also doesn't transfer onto other people if you kiss them. The tip does sometimes run out so you have to hold it upside down for a little bit just to get it wet again. This was $2. You can get it at walmart, target, or

-Staying power is great
-Good price for a lip stain
-Cool design for a lip stain

-Color looks different on then on the packaging
-Limited amount of colors in stores

Overall I was pleased with this product. I would like to find one that doesn't make the lips darker. This product had great longlasting capabilities, and  it was a good price. I didn't like how there weren't many colors available. But for the price it is worth it. I would give this product a 6/10 only because it isn't the color that I was expecting