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Monday, January 6, 2014

Benefit's Erase Paste REVIEW!!

Benefit has a few concealers, this being one of them. I decided to try this one because it was very creamy. This is a thick concealer and it comes in a jar. This only comes in 3 shades. I got the lightest one and I felt like it was still too dark. The good thing about this is it has a pink undertone to it. This will help neutralize the dark under eyes that many people have. It does have good coverage. The coverage of this compared to Essences is alot. The only difference is Essences can be matched to your skin color. This one covers freckles pretty good. I have a dark freckle on my nose and you cant see it with this. It does crease so make sure you apply powder so it sets. I have found my mascara on the outside corner of the under eye. I think it's because its a creamy concealer. This is $26. You can get it at sephora,Ulta, and

-pink undertone neutralizes dark circles
- Goes on smooth
-Covers Well

-Not many shades
-lightest shade is not light
-price is alot for something small

This is a nice concealer. It does its job. If you have really dark circles definitely try this. It does crease. And its not a light shade. I would not purchase this in the future.