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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nutrisystem week 1 review

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I thought it would be a great time to talk about my journey on Nutrisystem.Before I get started I would just like to say, I am not being sponsored for my review. I had purchased this program on my own.

Almost everyone puts on love chub. However in 2.5 years after meeting my fiancé, I had put on 40 pounds. I was starting my nutrisystem journey at 169.4 pounds. My chest was 41 inches. My waist was 31 inches. My hips were 46 inches. And one of my thighs was 27 inches. My goal weight would be 150. Not my previous weight, however I want to be able to keep the weight off.

My first week of nutrisystem went very well. If you are someone who is an emotional eater, then you are someone like me. I would be good all day and binge out at night. This program is helping me realize what a portion size should look like. As well as tracking the calories on everything. I have downloaded the numi app, but if you don't have that option there is a booklet included with each order so that you can track all your meals, exercise, water, and vegetable intake. Now I did feel hungry for the first 4 days. It took a few days for me to adjust to nutrisystems portions. When I felt hungry  I would eat more vegetables or drink more water. As far as how good the food tastes, I personally love the breakfasts and desserts. The only dessert that I didn't like we're the cheese puffs. The lunches are overall good. I love the lunch bars, as well as the mac and cheese. As far as dinners go I am a little more picky. I love the thick crust pizza as well as the Italian herb flatbread. Nutrisystem does offer frozen foods, however I did not choose that plan. I decided on the core package, where I could choose the shelf stable foods.

With the nutrisystem program, it's recommended to do at least 30 minutes of exercise. I personally know that if I was to go to the gym everyday for the first week, I would not keep up with it and eventually quit exercising altogether. Instead of going to the gym, I use the Leslie sanstone at home walking DVDs. There are multiple different ones, and I will alternate working out for 20-45 minutes each day. I have also been doing Pilates DVDs on the days that I do a shorter walk. The Leslie sansone workouts are great for people who are not currently in a workout regimen, people who have excess weight that hinders their workout performance, as well as people with bad joints.

So my progress on nutrisystem for one week was 3.4 pounds lost. I was very excited and relieved that I had lost that much weight. This program really does work as long as you stick to all of the guidelines. Overall I have to say I am impressed and excited to see how far I can go with this program. Stay tuned for week 2's progress.