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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My new favorite homemade facial recipe!!

I love making my own facial masks because it is cheaper and they are effective. I personally have large pores and blackheads in my inner cheek area, nose, chin and inner forehead. I want to use products that target this issue. However I also have dry skin and I have some sensitivities to my skin. The ingredients I used are 3 aspirin, honey, and sour cream.

1. Aspirin. Most people don't know that aspirin and salicylic acid are derived from willowbark. With this being said when you use aspirin in your skin care routine it is equivalent to salicylic acid. I use the uncoated kind, however you can use the coated ones. It just takes longer for them to dissolve. I take 3 aspirin pills and put a little bit of water on them. This helps them dissolve and makes it easier to apply to the skin.

2. Honey. Honey is a great ingredient for EVERY single skin type and condition. This ingredient is anti microbial, anti bacterial, and it helps the skin hold onto moisture. This makes it great for people with acne prone skin and dry skin. People who use drying products like benzoyl peroxide and retinol/ retin a products would benefit from this ingredient in their skin care routine.

3. Sour cream. This is meant for the base of this mask. This ingredient is soothing but at the same time it works great at exfoliating the skin. This has lactic acid in it, so it exfoliates gently while brightening the skin.  I put about a tablespoon or two in this.

 Once when these are combined I apply it on clean dry skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. When removing it, I use circular motions with my fingers and gently rub this off. I don't use anything other than my fingers to remove it just because I don't want to irritate the skin.

WARNING!!! If you are using retin a consider just using honey and not the exfoliants. Also if you have had any waxing or microdermabrasion done wait a little bit and don't use this within a week of your appointment.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation REVIEW!!

I received this product and was thrilled to try it.  The first thing that I noticed was this is a liquid, very liquidy foundation. I applied it on the skin and it has a yellow undertone to it. Once when I had an even layer all over it had a medium coverage and a semi matte finish. I wore this foundation all day and it made me look oily throughout my whole face, even on my dry areas like the cheek. I set this so many times. However it lasted the whole time. It creased slightly in my smile lines but most foundations will. This product smells like it has fragrance in it and it also doesn't have sunscreen in it. This only comes in 8 shades and it also comes with a sponge. This is $55 and you can get it at

- medium coverage
- comes with sponge
- liquid
- lasted all day long

- skin was oily throughout the day
- Yellow based
- expensive
- hard to find
- fragrance

Overall I don't love this foundation but it's not bad. It has good coverage and it lasts long. I don't like how fragranced it is and it left me shiney. I would not buy this foundation and I would give it a 4/10

Monday, April 14, 2014

Loreal Voluminous Lashes Mascara REVIEW!!

This is one of my go to products, when I run out I know that this is a good one. This mascara comes in both regular and water proof. This lengthens the lashes and slightly thickens them. I prefer black mascaras and this one is truly black. It makes the lashes pop and helps lengthen them. The brush is a standard bristle brush, this is one of my favorite brushes because its not too big for my eyes and I can apply it on my bottom eyelashes without a problem. As far as how this compares to Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara, It doesn't thicken the lashes as much as the better than sex mascara. However I do feel like the length is similar. They both don't irritate my eyes.  Although this isn't my favorite mascara, it is a very good mascara. It lengthens the lashes and makes them look better. It also doesn't cause any irritation to my eyes. The price of this is around $7. You can find this at Walmart, Target, Ulta, and any drugstore.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily REVIEW!!

I have realized that my nose and inner cheek area get oily after a few hours of wearing makeup. I thought that it was because of the types of foundations that I buy. I usually buy dry skin products. I have been trying to use more products directed towards more oily skin types. This foundation was the start of my experimenting. I purchased this because I heard that it was a nice full coverage drugstore foundation. My first thought on this was the consistency. Its a lot more thick than the foundations that I have tried. This has a medium to full coverage that is buildable. It leaves your skin looking a little dewy. Its not matte but its not dewy all the way. Its a mixture between both. This foundation clams to last 24hrs. I didn't have this on my skin for that long but for the time that I had it on it lasted throughout the whole day. I did find a new breakout after I washed this off. Im not sure if its because I switch up my face products or if it was because of this foundation. The color selection isn't bad, its not as good as some but they have quite a few selections there. One thing I didn't like about this foundation was the packaging. It is in a clear bottle that has a screw on cap. You have to pour this foundation out. They have a lot of yellow based foundations and not too much neutral toned ones. After wearing this for hours I didn't feel as if my skin looked too oily. It looked a lot better with this foundation than any other foundation. This is $10 and you can findit at any department, drugstore, and Ulta. I highly recommend this product for someone who needs more coverage and a long lasting foundation. This product left my skin looking flawless all day long with no increase in oil production.