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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation REVIEW!!

I received this product and was thrilled to try it.  The first thing that I noticed was this is a liquid, very liquidy foundation. I applied it on the skin and it has a yellow undertone to it. Once when I had an even layer all over it had a medium coverage and a semi matte finish. I wore this foundation all day and it made me look oily throughout my whole face, even on my dry areas like the cheek. I set this so many times. However it lasted the whole time. It creased slightly in my smile lines but most foundations will. This product smells like it has fragrance in it and it also doesn't have sunscreen in it. This only comes in 8 shades and it also comes with a sponge. This is $55 and you can get it at

- medium coverage
- comes with sponge
- liquid
- lasted all day long

- skin was oily throughout the day
- Yellow based
- expensive
- hard to find
- fragrance

Overall I don't love this foundation but it's not bad. It has good coverage and it lasts long. I don't like how fragranced it is and it left me shiney. I would not buy this foundation and I would give it a 4/10