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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily REVIEW!!

I have realized that my nose and inner cheek area get oily after a few hours of wearing makeup. I thought that it was because of the types of foundations that I buy. I usually buy dry skin products. I have been trying to use more products directed towards more oily skin types. This foundation was the start of my experimenting. I purchased this because I heard that it was a nice full coverage drugstore foundation. My first thought on this was the consistency. Its a lot more thick than the foundations that I have tried. This has a medium to full coverage that is buildable. It leaves your skin looking a little dewy. Its not matte but its not dewy all the way. Its a mixture between both. This foundation clams to last 24hrs. I didn't have this on my skin for that long but for the time that I had it on it lasted throughout the whole day. I did find a new breakout after I washed this off. Im not sure if its because I switch up my face products or if it was because of this foundation. The color selection isn't bad, its not as good as some but they have quite a few selections there. One thing I didn't like about this foundation was the packaging. It is in a clear bottle that has a screw on cap. You have to pour this foundation out. They have a lot of yellow based foundations and not too much neutral toned ones. After wearing this for hours I didn't feel as if my skin looked too oily. It looked a lot better with this foundation than any other foundation. This is $10 and you can findit at any department, drugstore, and Ulta. I highly recommend this product for someone who needs more coverage and a long lasting foundation. This product left my skin looking flawless all day long with no increase in oil production.