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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dr. Jart Pore Medic Derma @ Home Peeling REVIEW!!

This product is an at home chemical peel kit. It is important that you follow the instructions on any at home chemical peeling kit. If you do not follow the correct steps you can jeopardize your skin.

This is a two step project. You first need to use the thermal crystal scrub. This doesn't feel like a scrub. It feels like a rough lotion. It doesn't have any grit in it. I did notice that this has a lot of baking soda in it. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however too much can cause irritation. This does contain vitamin e in it, however after one use the benefits of this ingredient are gone just because of the packaging. When you use this it feels like its making your skin hot. So if you experience this it is suppose to happen.

The next step is the liquid. This contains lactic acid in it. Lactic acid is meant for people who don't have very many fine lines and wrinkles and age spots. It also is beneficial to people with more dry skin. The last ingredient in this is the salicylic acid. This is meant for people with acne. Darker age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. This is the ingredient that should be higher than the lactic, just because this product is directed towards making your pores smaller. The packaging on this one is a squeezey tube. This makes the ingredients last longer.

You first need to was your face before using this product. Then you apply a thin amount of the thermal crystal scrub. You rub this in the skin for 2 minutes. Then you take the next step in the squeeze tube and massage for 1 minute. This goes right on top of the first step, you don't rinse off the step 1.

After you use this product, your skin feels softer and its noticeable that your skin is smoother and the pores are smaller. However this is temporarily. I recommend doing this only once a week. After using this product use good gentle skin care products. During the day make sure you use an spf no lower than 25.

Overall I do like this product. I will go back to my homemade peels. I do have a post on that, so if your interested in a more natural approach I have some good ones up. I wont repurchase this immediately, but I might in the future. If you are interested in purchasing this product it is $42 and you can get it at Sephora.

June Favorites!!!

1. Clarisonic Mia 2. This device has left my skin so smooth and allowed my skin products to penetrate deeper.

2. Vitamin E Oil. I used this in conjunction with my deep conditioning treatment and it helped my hairs frizziness. It is also great as an eye cream.

3. Tree Hut body exfoliator. This is great for shaving and exfoliating before self tanning. It smells amazing and does a great job.

4. Fake Bake Flawless Self tanner. This has a colorguard and it blends in really nice. It gives a natural tan to the skin.

5. Kat Von d Lock it tattoo foundation. This product conceals almost everything and has a matte finish.