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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nutrisystem day 2/5

Hello everyone, to day is the 2nd day on this program. Yesterday I was very hungry after my snack, I didn't eat anything else though. Hopefully today will be a better less hungry day.

For breakfast I had the double chocolate muffin. This tasted good. It wasn't your typical chocolatey taste. It was good though. I had that with string cheese. I ate that around 9 I did feel hungry at 11:30.  I would give this an 8 it tastes good.

For lunch: I had the loaded baked potato. This was not that great. It had a different texture than regular instant mashed potatoes. I had a yogurt with it and I wasn't hungry later on. There was a decent amount of the instant mashed potatoes. But it tasted bad. I would give it a 3.

For dinner I had rotini and meatballs. This wasn't bad I'm not a fan of the meatballs but the pasta was good. There is a lot of sauce. I would give this a 7

For dessert I had the chocolate chip cookies. These were delicious. These taste better in my opinion than chips ahoy cookies. I would give this food a 10.

Nutrisystem Day 1/5

Today is the first day on the nutrisystem 5 day program. I will have pictures on everything I eat and I will give my review on how each entrée tastes. First off we will have breakfast.

Breakfast you need to have the nutrisystem entrée and a powerfuel. I chose the Cinnamon Struesel muffin. And my powerfuels a hardboiled egg. there is suppose to be a midmorning powerfuel snack, I prefer to skip this and add it to my afternoon smartcarb snack. Below is my breakfast choices:

My thoughts on the cinnamon streusel muffin were: It was a dense spongy like muffin. It is small, not close to the size of dunkin donuts muffins. It tasted pretty good. It wasn't a bad breakfast by any means.I ate this at 9, I did however feel hungry at about 11:30. I would give my breakfast an 8

For Lunch, I decided to be easy and take the Double chocolate caramel bar. I ate green beans and a yogurt. With lunch you are suppose to have 2 servings of vegetables and a powerfuel.

My thoughts on the double chocolate caramel bar were: extremely delicious, this tasted like a candy bar. It was crunchy and it had a hint of caramel. This was definitely something that I enjoyed because I do have a sweet tooth. I ate this at 12 and I started to get hungry at 3. I would give this a 9 because it was perfect for a sweet craving

For dinner, I decided to try the Chicken Alfredo. I had a smart carb which was a roll (not in picture). And I was suppose to have 2 more servings of vegetables. I decided to not eat any vegetables and just eat dinner and a smart carb.

My thoughts on the alfredo were: It was really good. I had read a lot of reviews saying how disgusting this entrée tasted. And I have no clue why people didn't like it. I was hesitant to try the chicken, so I didn't but the pasta portion was excellent. I would definitely eat this one in the future. I would give this one an 8. I ate this around 6

For dessert, I tried the popcorn. This is the last time that you eat fro the day. If you are a night eater try eating vegetables at night. These are considered unlimited. You can eat as much nonstarchy vegetables as you want.

My thoughts on the popscorn were: It tasted really good. I prefer this to microwaved popcorn, but nowhere near as good as the movie theater. There was a decent amount in the package. I ate this around 7 and I felt hungry later on. I would give this a 7

Overall today was a good day with the meals. I felt hungry but not extremely hungry. I felt like I was getting hungry more often than normal. During the morning my energy was starting to come down. I did start feeling a headache. It went away after lunch. But I did feel tired like I needed a catnap.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nutrisystem 5 day preview

Im very excited to announce to everyone I will be trying the nutrisystem 5 day program. I will be doing individual reviews each day showing you pictures of the foods each day, give my review of each food, tell you how hungry I feel after the meal, and tell you how much weight I have lost, how my energy is, and how easy each item is to prepare.

This program gives you 5 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. This kit was sold at Walmart for $44.98. There is 2 different kits you can choose from. There is one in the red box which is the regular program, and a blue box which is meant for diabetics. This is about $9 a day for your main meals. You do need to supplement this diet with foods from the supermarket. You will need to purchase vegetables, smartcarbs, and powerfuels. Smartcarbs are healthy carbs, the pamphlet lists all the smart carbs you can have. I like to have fruits and grains on hand. The powerfuels are protein. You can choose nuts, lunch meat, yogurt, string cheese, etc. this plan works on the glycemic index. This have the right balance of fats, carbs, calories,  fiber, and sugar. As well as supplementing with food, you need to have 30 minutes of physical activity a day. As well as drink 8 glasses of water. A great thing that this program has to offer is free counseling. When you purchase the kit, you get a coupon code for free counseling. This comes in handy if you have emotional issues and deal with them through food.

Heres what came in the box. there are breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts.

This is the pamphlet you get in the box. It has a list of smartcarbs, and powerfuels. It also tells you about the free counseling on the back, as well as a menu plan for the foods.

This is the sample plan they give you. You don't have to follow this, its just a guideline to show what you need to eat.

In this kit, for breakfast you get: Cinnamon struesel muffin, double chocolate muffin, honey wheat bagel, granola cereal, and peanut butter granola bar. For lunches you get: fudge graham bar, chicken noodle soup, double chocolate caramel bar, red beans and rice, and loaded baked potato. For dinner you get: lasagna with meat sauce, rotini and meatballs, chicken pot pie, chicken Alfredo, and Italian herb flatbread pizza. For desserts you get: cheesecake flavored bar, milk chocolate flavored pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, and peppermint cookie patty. An easy way to indicate which food is meant to be eaten when is by color. Breakfasts are blue, lunches are orange, dinners are red, and desserts are purple. As you can see above.

My starting weight is 147lbs. My waist is measuring 27 1/2. My hips measure 42 1/2. And my thighs measure at 26 in. Through these 5 days I'm hoping to lose at least 3 pounds. If you weigh more than me you can expect to lose more.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CeraVe sunscreen for face SPF 50

I have been trying out a few sunscreens lately, and this was one that I had chosen. I wanted to try this product because of their other amazing products.The packaging on this product is pretty standard. There is 2 fl. Oz. of product. Its a squeeze tube and it is in opaque packaging. These are things that I look for when purchasing any face product for the right preservation of the ingredients.

As far as this products claims go. It states it has ceramides and niacinamide. These ingredients are present in the pm lotion (which is one of my favorites). These are cell communicating ingredients which helps with antiaging. The ingredients are not what I don't like. I don't like the smell of this product. Smell doesn't make a huge difference for me, but I prefer my products I scented. The worst aspect is blending. This is terrible at blending in and often times I notice it balling together and rolling off. There is always a white streaky look on my face when I apply it. It makes me question if the sunscreen has fully absorbed into the skin and performing to its full capability. As far as makeup application, I don't feel like it affects my foundation but my foundation primer. It makes the primer not do its job.

Overall I don't like this product. I am looking forward to using up the rest of this and getting a new one. It doesn't blend in, leaving streaks of white film on my face. It hinders my makeup from its full capability. If you are interested in using this you can find it at ulta, rite aid, and online. It's around $15.