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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ole Henriksens Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster REVIEW!!

I received a sample of this product from a clarisonic package from Sephora. I was eager to try this, I am trying to find the perfect vitamin c serum. The packaging on this product is in a clear jar with a pump. The only complaint is it is a clear jar. Vitamin C wont be effective for long with the presence of air and sunlight.

As far as the claims go : It is an antioxidant serum that is meant to brighten, increase collagen production, minimize fine lines, and it also defends against free radical damage.  It also states it contains green tea extract and sodium hyaluronate. This nourishes and hydrates the skin. It also contains orange extract which is suppose to renew cells. There is grapefruit extract with is an antiseptic. There is rose hips seeds extract which is healing and repairs damage. There is Sodium Ascrobyl Phosphate which helps aid in the production of collagen. There is also Ester C which is the stable vitamin c.

My own observations on the ingredients and my personal experience with the serum is not very good. The ingredients are the first thing I will address. The only good thing about the ingredients list is the vitamin c ingredient is the second ingredient.v This ensures that the vitamin c is going to work on what you want to minimize. However there are some ingredients that are damaging to the skin and further damage. The first one is the orange extract. This is very irritating to the skin. This isn't a very good ingredient in the serum even though they try to state it is an effective ingredient. The next one is Linalool. This is also an irritating ingredient. The next is fragrance for the same reasons. My experience with this serum was not bad at first. However my skin started feeling irritated after a few days. It started to burn a little.

Overall I don't recommend this product to people it is great with the amount of vitamin c and vitamin e but it has a few irritating ingredients that damage the skin. I wont purchase this product in the future. This is $48- $72. You can purchase this at Sephora.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal and Black Sugar

Ive been using this face mask for a month now and it is a really good detoxfying mask. When you first look at this product it has a black color to it that goes to a transparent grey color on the skin. It has a thick texture to it and is very grainy. This product has a lot of sugar in it and its great for exfoliating. However if you have sensitve skin use with caution. This is a very grainy exfoliant so be careful with it if you have sensitive skin.

With all of my reviews I touch base on the ingredients. The 3rd ingredient in this product is carbon. This ingredient is the activated charcoal. Im impressed that charcoal is the 3rd ingredient, it makes this an effective product for detoxifying. There is banana extract in this, which is a weak antioxidant. There is coconut extract a well, which is a cleansing ingredient. The papaya extract is a form of exfoliant. The raspberry extract is a antibacterial ingredient. It could cause some irritation.

The bad ingredients in this are fragrance, Which causes irritation. There is also lavender which is an irritant.The sandalwood extract in this can cause irritation and skin allergies. The ginger in this can be an irritant to skin.

Overall this product is not the best but its not the worst. Even with all of the bad ingredients, I feel like the ingredients are too low on the list to cause irritation. I do like this product it makes my skin feel smooth. I havent seen a difference in my pore size, however after I use this they look smaller due to the exfoliation. I do like this product, I dont like the smell but it is a good product. I would recommend this. This is no more than $4. You can get this at Ulta, Rite Aid, and other drugstores.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate REVIEW!!

I've been wanting to try out the Fresh line. This was one that caught my attention with the black tea.  Green tea is great for the skin both consumed and applied. This eye cream claims to help with dark circles, puffiness and illuminate and revive tired eyes.

I will start my personal review by saying that eye creams are not necessary. If your face cream is gentle enough for your face, it will be good enough for the eye area. Eye creams are a marketing gimmick, however i put that view aside when trying this. One thing that is bad about this product is the packaging. This comes in a jar, all of the vitamins in this will break down with the presence of air. When you keep opening and closing the jar, it decreases the effectiveness with the important antioxidants. While we're talking about ingredients, you would think this brand wouldn't have so many ingredients that are synthetic. This contains more preservatives than beneficial ingredients.  There are plant oils that are fragrant, which is not good for the eye area because it is too irritating. This is a thick cream that does hydrate and moisturize the eye area. There are many creams that hydrate and moisturize the same as this. It's lacking all of the beneficial ingredients that it claims helps the eye area.

Overall this is an overpriced eye cream that is not rich in the beneficial ingredients that are necessary. I'm glad I only got a sample of this product and did not buy this full sized product. I don't plan on buying a full size of this.