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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal and Black Sugar

Ive been using this face mask for a month now and it is a really good detoxfying mask. When you first look at this product it has a black color to it that goes to a transparent grey color on the skin. It has a thick texture to it and is very grainy. This product has a lot of sugar in it and its great for exfoliating. However if you have sensitve skin use with caution. This is a very grainy exfoliant so be careful with it if you have sensitive skin.

With all of my reviews I touch base on the ingredients. The 3rd ingredient in this product is carbon. This ingredient is the activated charcoal. Im impressed that charcoal is the 3rd ingredient, it makes this an effective product for detoxifying. There is banana extract in this, which is a weak antioxidant. There is coconut extract a well, which is a cleansing ingredient. The papaya extract is a form of exfoliant. The raspberry extract is a antibacterial ingredient. It could cause some irritation.

The bad ingredients in this are fragrance, Which causes irritation. There is also lavender which is an irritant.The sandalwood extract in this can cause irritation and skin allergies. The ginger in this can be an irritant to skin.

Overall this product is not the best but its not the worst. Even with all of the bad ingredients, I feel like the ingredients are too low on the list to cause irritation. I do like this product it makes my skin feel smooth. I havent seen a difference in my pore size, however after I use this they look smaller due to the exfoliation. I do like this product, I dont like the smell but it is a good product. I would recommend this. This is no more than $4. You can get this at Ulta, Rite Aid, and other drugstores.