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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate REVIEW!!

I've been wanting to try out the Fresh line. This was one that caught my attention with the black tea.  Green tea is great for the skin both consumed and applied. This eye cream claims to help with dark circles, puffiness and illuminate and revive tired eyes.

I will start my personal review by saying that eye creams are not necessary. If your face cream is gentle enough for your face, it will be good enough for the eye area. Eye creams are a marketing gimmick, however i put that view aside when trying this. One thing that is bad about this product is the packaging. This comes in a jar, all of the vitamins in this will break down with the presence of air. When you keep opening and closing the jar, it decreases the effectiveness with the important antioxidants. While we're talking about ingredients, you would think this brand wouldn't have so many ingredients that are synthetic. This contains more preservatives than beneficial ingredients.  There are plant oils that are fragrant, which is not good for the eye area because it is too irritating. This is a thick cream that does hydrate and moisturize the eye area. There are many creams that hydrate and moisturize the same as this. It's lacking all of the beneficial ingredients that it claims helps the eye area.

Overall this is an overpriced eye cream that is not rich in the beneficial ingredients that are necessary. I'm glad I only got a sample of this product and did not buy this full sized product. I don't plan on buying a full size of this.