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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Favorites!!!!

Hello, its that time where I tell you all my favorites of the month. I've tried some new products that were some hits, not all of my new products made it to this list but some did. So lets get started.

1. Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal and Black Sugar. This is a drugstore mask that is a detoxifying mask that also exfoliates the skin. This is a thick paste like mask that has a lot of sugar in it. This has charcoal in it which is the ingredient that helps clear out the pores. There are some ingredients that are a little questionable. However this mask is a great drugstore find. I will do a review on this later on.

2. Eva NYC therapy treatment hair mask. This is a new hair treatment mask that ive been using. this is a thinner mask then the cholesterol, which I think is better. The cholesterol I feel helped but I think because it was a thick formula it couldn't penetrate into the hair as much. I will do a review on this product later on.

3. Too Faced the Chocolate solei Bronzer. Ive been really into contouring lately and Ive been using this a lot lately. It blends well and it is a great color.

4. Nars Blush in the shade Deepthroat. aside from the name this blush is beautiful for this time. This is a great blush for the spring time/ summer time. Its a peachy pink blush with some shimmer in it. It looks great on my skin tone and it blends well.

5. Naked 3 Palette. Ive been using this palette so much lately. It has rose gold shades and it looks great on almost all skin tones. The shadows blend well and they are very pigmented. The brush is perfect for the eyeshadows as well.

6. Sephora Rouge Shine lipstick. Ive been using this a lot. It is so moisturizing and it has great pigment. I highly recommend this product.