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Monday, March 31, 2014

My March favorites!!!

1. Olays 4-in-1 cleansing cloths for sensitive skin. These cloths come with soap in the fibers and when you wet them they start to lather. These are excellent at removing all of the makeup and dirt. These are about $6

2. Vanedo Sheet masks korea. I purchased these through amazon. You open these up and put the sheet over your face. Normally when I use these or makeup removing wipes they have no product on them. But these are saturated in product. They have more product than you need so I take the rest and apply it on my neck. These were $13 for 12 sheet masks.

3. kao megurhythm Steam Hot eye mask. I also purchased these on amazon. These aren't really meant for beauty but they are relaxing. These are self heating and they last 10 minutes. You open the mask up and put it on and it instantly starts to heat. These were $15 for 15

4. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. This mascara is the best I've ever tried. It gives you thickness and volume. This doesn't irritate my eyes and it does a great job. This is $20 and you can get it at Sephora, online, or at Ulta.

5. Queen Helene Cholesterol conditioning cream. This product is great at repairing hair and helping frizz and knots. This product has done wonders for my hair. Its very prone to knotting and this has helped the ends of my hair look great. This is $5 at sallys or any department store.

6 Miracle skin Transformer Mud mask. This product is good at declogging pores and giving the skin a deep clean with an antiaging benefit. I have done a review on this, so look through my blog posts if you want to know more of the benefits. This is $38 and sold at Sephora.

7. Aussie 3 Minute miracle deep conditioner. This product has been used as my normal conditioner. This smells like coconut and it helps soften the hair even more. I have been using this and the cholesterol and my hair doesn't get knotted anymore. This is $4 and you can find it at any department store.

8. Stilas convertible lip and cheek duo. This product is a cream. It can be used on both the lips and the cheeks. I have used this on the cheeks and it looks great, I have the color lillium and it looks good on my fair skintone.