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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning cream REVIEW!!

I have damaged hair due to coloring and from styling my hair. With all of the damage, my hair was tangled and snarly. When I woke up in the morning I would wake up to the underneath of my hair knotted. I even tried braiding it and it still got knotted. I wanted to get my hair back to looking healthy and shiny. I not only took off 1 1/2  of an inch of hair. I also put layers in my hair. But I have to say that this product has helped my hair soo much.

I have to say the ingredients are to the minimum with this product. Cholesterol is the 7th ingredient, almost at the bottom of the list. However there is no alcohol and it is light on the fragrance. I still don't like the smell but I still use it. This doesn't leave hair limp and lifeless. It doesn't leave residue behind. And it easily washes out. I have used oil in the past and it didn't wash out good at all. I always had a layer of it left over my hair.

I decided that I would do a weekly hair treatment after I cut my hair, so it will maintain the look of nice hair. This product did wonders on my hair, I don't have too many knots in my hair anymore. My hair is still frizzy but the tangles are 85% less. I would brush my hair and get the tangles out, and distribute oil down to the ends of the hair. I will then Use this product on the ends of my hair working up. I put this on my hair up to my ears. I continue up the rest of my hair until all of the ends are coated and my layers are saturated. I put my hair up in a huge bun on my hair. I sleep with it in and then wash it out in the morning. You can put this in for as long as you want. You don't need to sleep with it to get benefits. You can also put a bonnett on and put heat over it. The heat helps it absorb quicker and deeper into the hairs cuticle. This product is around $5 and you can get it at sallys beauty supply, Drugstores, and amazon

-Thick and creamy texture
- Doesn't leave hair limp
- Moisturizes hair
- Helps tame knotts
- Rinses out easily
- Smell
- messy on clothes
Overall this is a great conditioning cream. I would recommend this to everyone who wants a little more shine and moisture back into their hair. This helped so much with my knots and I will continue to repurchase this product. I give this a 9/10