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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clinique face scrub for men REVIEW!!

This is a little different then my normal reviews. But for male viewers out there, I hope this is something you will enjoy reading. This product is in a squeeze tube package, so its very easy to use and its not messy. The claims on this product are its a preshave, reduces ingrown hairs, gets rid of flakes and oil, and it smooths and revives the skin. I will tell you all about my boyfriends thoughts on this product and then mine. He used this and felt like his face was clean. He said it felt good. Also he thought it left a cooling sensation on. He has not used it as a preshave because he got another kit which I will talk about in another review. Now for my thoughts on this product. This does exfoliate the skin well. I feel like this would benefit men and ingrown hairs. The reason why we get ingrown hairs is because the hair can't find its way out of the pore due to dead skin buildup, exfoliating is key to any place where you want to remove hair. This product didn't feel cool on my hand when I tried it. However I didn't use a normal amount of cleanser so that might make a difference on the feeling. I tried it on my face and it felt great, it has alot of beads in it so it exfoliates nicely. Its does feel tingly on and it feels very cooling. The beads in this are great. They are microbeads and they are not harsh for the skin. Some exfoliants made from nuts or seeds can leave micro tears in the skin and could cause acne. The difference between the two is microbeads have a circular shape and have rounded edges, which is good for exfoliating the skin because it won't be too harsh. The exfoliants made from seeds and nuts have sharper edges and leave micro tears in the skin. This didn't have a bad scent to it. It wasn't too fragranced. This is $20 and you can get it at Macys, Sephora, and Overall I would give this product an 8 for men. This is in a squeeze tube and it feels great on the skin. This helps exfoliate the skin which would be beneficial to men who shave a lot.