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Thursday, February 13, 2014

PMD personal microderm pro REVIEW!!

Basic information
This is a handheld piece of equipment that is suppose to give you the same effects that a microderm at a spa would give. I have been trained to use micodermabrasion equipment. From someone who is trained, I know what to look for and what causes alarm. Im not saying you have to be licsensed to know how to properly use this, however if you have no idea about microdermabrasions then I highly suggest you don't purchase this. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the stratum corneum, which is the outer most layer of the skin. Doing so causes the skins inner layers to respond and produce more cells. The benefits of using microdermabrasion is: appearance of smaller pores, increase in collagen, lighten hyperpigmentation (age apots, freckles, and acne scars),and softens wrinkles.

About the product
This comes with 4 facial discs, 3 body discs, a body cap, a facial cap, filter, rechargeble cord, and a dvd. The discs are made of aluminum oxide crystals. The facial discs are white, blue, green, and red. The white one is the training disc, the blue is meant for people with sensitve skin, the green is for people with normal skin, and red is for people who can tolerate a lot. Each disc is good for about 4 uses. The same is for the body discs except for the training disc. Its important to work your way up or you can damage your skin. Some people who try out the stronger discs right away can expect to get some burns, cuts, and/or raw skin. You can get lucky and walk away with nothing but I highly advise working your way up. A good thing about this product is it is rechargeable. You won't have to keep putting batteries in it. In order to use this you have to plug it in and use it while its plugged in. you should watch the DVD and read the pamphlet before using this. Without reading you can compromise your skin. Its very important to clean this product after every use. To ensure bacteria won't grow and that it won't break.

How this product works
You want to first prep your skin for the microderm. You want to use a gel or liquid cleanser that will leave no oil, residue or makeup. You want to make sure your skin is dry and has no moisture in it because if it does, the skin will not lift as easily off the skin. Next you want to plug in the cord and put it in the handheld device. This is what makes the product work. The discs are made from aluminum oxide crystals, which exfoliate the skin. As well as the suction. This device sucks at the skin which is what helps with the collagen production. This has 2 speeds, when you feel like your skin can handle more you can use the fast speed. I recommend using the lowest speed and the white disc for your first time. With your first time you want to do no more than 2 passes on the skin. You also don't want to hover in one area. If you do, you could cause damage to the skin. With the 2 passes I recommend you do one full pass over the face and neck in verticle motions and then the 2nd pass in horizontal. This is going to maximize the amount of coverage and the amount of dead skin that will come off. After microdermabrasion you want to use really good ingredients because it will penetrate better into the skin. I would recommend using vitamin c after use and also a really good moisturizer. Make sure you use SPF 30 or more after, and don't go in the sun.

What and when to avoid
In order for the results to keep getting better there are certain things to avoid before and after using this. One of the most important things to avoid 48 hours before and after is vitamin a. This means Retin A or any other retinol products need to be avoided. As well as chemical exfoliants. Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic acids need to be stopped 48 hours before and after because they exfoliate the skin, further exfoliation can cause damage to the skin. Antibiotics that say photosensitive on the label. This means that your skin is sensitve to the sun and need to use sunscreen. Any chemical peels at home should be avoided before and after. You need to make sure that you use sunscreen everyday of at least 30. You also need to avoid sun as much as possible. You can use this once a week, anything more can be damaging. Anyone between the ages 12 to 65 can use this product. Anyone over 65 can use it, however their skin could bruise more easily. Without following these guidelines, you can cause scarring, and raw skin. Its normal to have redness and slight burning after using this product. It should go away after a few hours.

My thoughts
This product is great it does the same thing as microdermabrasion systems. However if you have no idea what you are doing, this could be damaging to your skin. This is not suppose to work overnight. This takes time and cannot be used too much. I tried the wihte disc first and it worked great, I just started using the blue one and it caused a little bit more redness but that is normal. The 2 speeds on it are nice, your skin can keep getting more and more results when it adjusts to stronger treatments. People need to pay attention to the different caps. If you use the discs and the cap for the face, you could damage your skin with scars and burns. This product is great for people with hyperpigmentation, whether its acne scars or age spots. This will help lighten them. Deep acne pits and scars won't be affected that much though. You would have to look into dermabrasion, which involves a more deep exfoliation of the skin and only doctors can do it. You can purchase this product online at It is $199. There is another one for $179.

- increases collagen production
- helps with age spots and acne acars
- minimizes fine lines
- helps products penetrate more into the skin
- can do it in your home rather than going to a spa

- If not used right, damage can be done to the skin
- could cause scarring and raw skin if used inappropriately
- Need to be cautious of what products to use during and after

Overall this is a great product for someone that has age spots and acne scars. I would consider using something else if you are trying to get rid of wrinkles. This product is excellent for younger girls who want to help with acne scars and prevent aging. You need to make sure that you wear your sunscreen everyday and avoid the sun when nessecary. I would give this product a 9/10.