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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alpha Hydrox Foot & problem area cream REVIEW!!

This cream is designed for feet and for other areas that need an exfoliation. I have been using this on my face, my other glycolic cream wasn't giving me enough tingle so I wanted to try this one. My previous one was from the same brand and it was 10%, this cream is 12%. The claims on this product are fragrance free, absorbs quickly, provides extra exfoliation and moisture for skin, proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, daily use prevents build up of thick, rough, and damaged skin. Let me begin with the packaging. This comes in a 2 oz. tube. Which is good to keep everything fresh inside the bottle. The product is a white cream. When I apply this on my face it feels tingly almost immediately, this feeling is normal and it will go away after a few minutes. Other things that are normal are redness and itching. However what is not normal is burning. If you experience burning then don't use this product. The tingle isn't necessary but it indicates that it is working. I can honestly say I feel a difference in my skin. It feels more smooth and I noticed my smile lines are less apparent. I do get lines on my neck and on my forehead occasionally due to expressions. and this will help get rid of those. This product does absorb quickly, I wait about 2 minutes for this to dry for me to put my retinol on. I had some dry skin on my forehead that was visible with foundation on and this product definitely helped get rid of those flakes. The fact that this is fragrance free is great, this product might irritate the skin and it being fragrance free helps. This product is not meant for people with sensitive skin. I have some sensitivities to my skin but I'm not extremely sensitive to products. I do use this product daily and I have seen a difference in my skin, it wasn't thick, rough or damaged before but it does give results. Sometimes I can't use my glycolics everyday because of my neck. Sometimes it burns and turns red. I stop using it for a couple of days and then start again. This doesn't have any antioxidants but its good. This is around $9 you can find it at Ulta, and amazon.

- 12% glycolic helps exfoliate
- Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles
- good for people with dry sun damaged skin
-dries quickly

- Antioxidants are not present. would make it more beneficial
- Not meant for sensitive skin

This is a great glycolic acid cream. It is the perfect amount of exfoliation for my skin. This product doesn't contain antioxidants and it can't be used on sensitive skin, but it is great for the job and it is very effective. I would give this product an 8/10.