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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Alpha Hydrox's Retinol ResQ REVIEW!!

This is a retinol treatment that can be used for acne, aging, prevent aging, and minimizing oil and larger pores. Retinol works to speed up the cells turnover rate. This products claims are it has %15 vitamin A, which is retinol. It also has Vitamins C and E. It is fragrance and oil free. It lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles and it tightens and firms. I first want to start my personal review on the packaging. The product comes in a white tube that keeps the air out. This is perfect for this formula because it keeps the vitamins from breaking down. Vitamins deterirate in the presence of air. The formula is a creamy moisturizer texture. It feels like a moisturizer. This is meant for all skin types, however if you have sensitive skin, this is not for you. It is oil free so it is perfect for oily skinned people. The vitamin c and e in this product are low in the ingredient list so they won't be very beneficial on the skin. There is glycerin in this product, so if you have dehydrated skin this will help replenish some of the loss of moisture. There is bisabolol in this, which is an anti-irritant. There is some paraben in this product so if you are trying to find products without, this is not for you. This product is only $14.99 and you can find it at Ulta.

- This effectively helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
- has antioxidants in it
- Oil free and fragrance free
-great packaging helps the ingredients stay effective

- not enough vitamin c and e

I am in love with this retinol cream. It is perfect for antiaging and repairing skin that has wrinkles. This product is helpful with acne as well. This has a few great ingredients. It could use more vitamin c and e in the formula. But generally this is a good cheap retinol cream that is very effective.