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Friday, February 21, 2014

Eb5 Vitamin C Booster Serum REVIEW!!

I decided to try this because it was on sale for 5 dollars and the ingredients sound pretty good. I want to first say with Vitamin C serums you need to look and see where the vitamin c is on the ingredients list. The first form of it is the 5th ingredient. Its ideal that it be in the first 3 but I also heard the first 5. There is also 3 other forms of it and there is Vitamin E, however these are too far down to affect the skin. There is also glycerin, which helps moisturize the skin. My first reaction to this product was it is liquidy. It also is slightly yellow, when vitamin c turns a dark amber color it is not good anymore. This is still effective but its time is limited. I like this vitamin c serum because it makes my skin feel tighter. Its only temporary but it feels nice. However my face feels dry after using this, so I use my Argan Oil right after. This is a great serum for after microdermabrasions because the products get penetrated deeper so the vitamin c can really soak into the skin and deposit its benefits. Vitamin c serums help fade dark spots, help the skins production of collagen, minimizes fine lines, brightens skin tone, minimizes redness, and protects the skin for free radical damage. Free radicals are what causes fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and loss of collagen and elasticity. Free radicals come from sun exposure, pollution, smoking, and alcohol. You can prevent free radical damage from using sunscreen. Vitamin c helps boost the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

- Great for lightening dark spots, collagen, and finelines
-Helps tighten the skin temporarily
- boosts collagen production
- good price

- Drying
- Vitamin C is a little low. Prefer it to be within top 3 ingredients
- I got it a little oxidized but its not ruined.

I do like this vitamin c serum. I have only tried 2 other vitamin c serums and this one falls in the middle. this is a great product and I would love to try more vitamin c serums to see if this one still holds up. I would give this one a 7/10.