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Thursday, February 13, 2014

CHI Keratin Mist Leave in Strengthening Treatment REVIEW!!

This product comes in a spray bottle and it has 12 oz. of product. The claims on this product are it strengthens hair, cationic hydrations locks in moisture, rebuilds the hairs inner structure, adds shine, provides protection and manageability. I do believe this product helps to strengthen the hair. It is proven that proteins help give fine hair a little more thickness and keratin is protein found in the hair, skin, and nails. This product doesn't really lock in moisture, I have very frizzy hair and that means there isn't enough moisture. As far as rebuilding the hairs inner structure.There is no way you can do that. The inner layer is called the cortex. When you color/chemically straighten/curl your hair, the main objective is to lift the cuticle and penetrate the cortex. When you continually do that for a period of time, the hair starts to get damaged and it starts to break or split. The damage is inevitable. You can't reverse the damage. The only thing to do is mask it and use products that help seal it or cut it which gets rid of the damage. I do believe that this product will help prevent damage and will give the appearance of reducing damage. This adds some shine, not alot like shine sprays do but it gives a little bit of shine. This product doesn't protect the hair against heat. It says it protects the hair but it doesn't say if it protects it from heat. I have very snarly hair that gets tangled easily. This product helps manage the tangles but doesn't get rid of them entirely. I still find that after I use this product I get tangles in my hair. This product smells like most of their products. It smells like mens cologne. I personally love the smell and it fades with this product. This product is $12. You can get it at Target, jcpenney salon, any other salons, and online

- helps make hair softer
- makes hair a little more shiny
- manages knots more

- Doesn't protect against heat
-Doesn't repair damage only helps to prevent damage
- Doesn't do an amazing job in any of the products claim

Overall This product doesn't do a great job. It does make my hair softer and more shiny. I bought this product to give my fine hair a little more thickness and it didn't do that. I also wanted something that would help with tangles. This helps but it doesn't do an amazing job and on top of that there were a few misleading claims. I would give this product a 5/10. its so so. I can probably find something better.