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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stila's Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer REVIEW!!

Hey guys, welcome to another review. Today the review is Stila's Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer. This is a nice size foundation and its pretty interesting how they put a concealer on the top of the foundation. The packaging on this is not good. The foundation is not a pump, It had a scooper in the lid so you can get the product out and place it directly on your hand, face, palette, or brush. This came with a brush, I would rather use my own but for someone who's starting out it wouldn't be bad. That is something I don't like. I want my foundation to come in a pump. As far as the coverage goes, its a medium coverage.There are 15 shades. I tried the lightest shade in this. This foundation has a yellow undertone to it. My skin has a neutral undertone to it. This product is not super liquidy but its not so thick. This is great for people with dry skin. My skin feels tight after I use my foundation and this hasn't felt dry. This product really lasted all day. I tried it with two different face primers. It has a nice texture to it, it feels very smooth and it glides on and spreads  very nicely. This is $44. You can find this at, sephora, and Ulta. Overall this foundation is pretty good. I would give it a 7/10. The only reason why it got a low rating was the packaging. If this was a pump one, I would give it a 9/10. The coverage is great, the feeling of it on my skin was fantastic. The fact that it comes with a concealer is terrific. I feel like this product is perfect for someone who looks to get a good value for their money. This is an excellent choice.