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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nutrisystem 3/5

For breakfast: I had the honey wheat bagel with a tbs. of peanut butter. This breakfast is filling and tastes good. I would love to have it more often it was the perfect size. I had felt hungry at 11 and then ate my lunch at 12:33. I would give this a 9, it was very good.

For lunch I had the fudge graham bar. This is so good. It's sweet and tastes like a chocolatey graham cracker. I would give this an 8 just because it wasn't very filling.

For dinner I had the chicken pot pie. This was good. I loved the crust. I didn't love the filling but it didn't taste bad. The crust was flaky and really good. I would give this a 7. I didn't care for the filling that much.

For dessert I had the cheesecake bar. This was alright. It doesn't really taste like cheesecake and it's really small. I would give this a 6 just because i didn't care much for it.