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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nutrisystem day 4/5

For breakfast I had the granola cereal. It tasted good but it was very small. And not filling at all. I would give this a 7 just because of the amount you get. I think you get more with a serving of Cheerios then this.

For lunch I had the chicken noodle soup. This was very good. If you are going to be on this plan you do need to eat a lot of vegetables just so you won't be hungry. I didn't eat any with this and I was so hungry shortly after. I would give this a 7 just because it's not too filling. But it did taste really good.

For dinner I had the meat lasagna. This was delicious. It had a great flavor. And it was filling. I would give this an 8.

For dessert I had the chocolate covered pretzels. These were delicious. They tasted like normal chocolate covered pretzels. You don't get a lot but it was really good. I would give this a 9.