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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sheamoisture raw Shea butter deep treatment masque

I had recently changed my hair care routine about a month or so ago. I had purchased a new conditioner, new styling products and a new treatment mask. This was the mask that I decided to purchase. I wanted a product that didn't have an assortment of ingredients. Ingredients like: fragrance,
Propylene glycol, any kind of chlorides, etc. I have read that these have damaging effects on the hairs structure. This is the product that I had found that doesn't contain any of these ingredients.

This hair mask is one of the best I have tried. All other masks make my hair feel great the first day but left it dry the next day. This mask put moisture in my hair and left it in there. This is used once to twice a week depending on your hair. I find that it works best on wet hair. I take a shower and wash my hair. After I shampoo I step out of the shower and towel dry my hair. I put in a generous amount of this product to the ends of my hair and I put on a shower cap. I usually put on a face mask while it sits. I leave my mask on for around an hour. After the hour I take off the shower cap and rinse my hair. I apply my conditioner after I rinse off my mask. I have noticed a difference in my frizziness, the dry ends, and the tangling. I do believe it is because of this product.

Overall this product is my absolute favorite. This makes my hair so much more manageable, more soft, it improves the look of my hair. This product is the reason why my hair looks smooth. This has been a huge change in my haircare routine and I have nothing but good things to say about it. This product is $11 and you can purchase it at ulta, target", and online.